Jackson Hole: Why This Should Be Your Next Corporate Destination

Jackson hole


Years ago I moved to Jackson Hole for the quality of life.  There’s always something fun to do, and its beauty rivals anywhere in the US with the dramatic snow capped Tetons that provide the backdrop for the most avid winter and snow enthusiasts on earth.

Jackson Hole is a premier destination for your next meeting in the mountains, and a great place to reward all of your hard working employees.  Visitors and locals alike can enjoy both recreation and relaxation, all the while awaiting the next storm to provide us with the white powdery blanket of happiness.

With the 50th anniversary of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort upon us and many exciting events in the works, the 2015/16 ski season is arriving quickly and with great anticipation.  I have been working in the event industry in Jackson for nearly a decade and have found that one of the best ways to incentivize employees is to provide a destination and location that inspires and brings out emotions in individuals, an opportunity to reflect, recognize success and strategize on how to improve. The landscape, the national parks and the wildlife make Jackson Hole a great setting to do just that; step outside of yourself and recognize what is really important and how it relates to your productivity at work and in your life.  I guarantee that program attendees leave invigorated and inspired, returning home with a renewed sense of self and ready to build upon their success.

I dare you to not be inspired and want to bring your next group to Jackson Hole after watching this video!

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