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How We Work

It’s a philosophy that impacts how we work and view our client, vendor and hotel relationships. It’s a set of values that distinguishes our process and guarantees exceptional results.

At DSC, an AlliedPRA Company we’ve pioneered high-impact programs and activities. Maximizing the spirit of your vision and our resources, we create lasting memories for your guests. No two clients or programs are the same. So, when it comes to inspiring your corporate business travelers, we provide skillful planning, proven experience, and groundbreaking ideas.

At DSC, there’s no such thing as a canned approach.  Our commitment to making our clients the hero exceeds even the wildest expectations.

How we deliver

It begins with you. Our experienced sales managers start with a blank piece of paper to extensively profile your group. Who is coming to your event and why? What are your goals, priorities and objectives? What worries you most about your program and what do you need most from your DMC partner?

Our team knows the right questions to ask for collaborative brainstorming. It’s the beginning of a journey from ideas to an experience that embodies your vision, achieves your purpose, and ignites your audience.

Based on you and your specific program and attendee profile we begin to narrow down the universe of possibilities in the destination, applying years of proven experiences with our clients and vendors. We will present proposals, client testimonials, drawings, photos, menus, and detailed concepts to help you design your program. Most importantly, we will work closely with you to maximize opportunities within your budget.
We realize that in an ever-changing business environment, your company’s needs and priorities may change as we approach the program operation. We look forward to consulting, brainstorming, and combining our creative energies to develop the most unique experience ever for your attendees. Expect true collaboration when planning a program with DSC.
It’s time to secure the nuts and bolts, add imagination, and build an unforgettable moment. From décor and specialty linens, to wine, menu, music and entertainment selections, DSC will guide you through the extra touches that make an event stand out.
As the General Contractor of your event, we manage every detail and leave nothing to chance. Plan A is never enough. We always have a Plan B ready to implement.

We approve budgets, establish timelines, sign contracts, set up staffing, and confirm suppliers. From vehicles and to hotels, restaurants and activities, we will ensure that all the pieces fit together seamlessly.

One contact. One plan. One bill. After the event we gather, confirm, and audit the final costs and present you a single, convenient invoice.

“From the planning session to the wrap-up meeting, we have been nothing but thoroughly impressed with your staff.”
Lisa Pace Slaughter, Alabama Bankers Association
“We and our client are THRILLED with the outcome of the event. As was every single other person we’ve talked to (and that’s a lot). It was an absolute pleasure working with you and we truly appreciate the time and effort to make this a SMASHING success.”
Melissa Ryland, Visit Denver
“DSC is truly one of the most professional DMC’s I have ever worked with. From the first sales experience until the final bill processing, everything was handled expertly, efficiently and with only our best interest in mind.”
Karyn Rizzo, Sun Life Financial
“DSC is top notch – very professional and friendly. Definitely think outside the box. Excellent service!”
Heather Edmondson, Amgen
“DSC is fantastic and it’s worth every penny for ease of mind.”
Collen Gama, Pacific Union Financial
“The event last night was amazing. The guests are still talking about how much they loved it. Dollar-for-dollar it was one of the best events I’ve ever been involved with. Than you for the support.”
Brian Lang, Hyatt Incline
“Our experience with DSC was above and beyond other destination management companies used in the past.”
Heather Borneman, Teleflex Surgical
“DSC is always creative…we select DSC because of the way they treat our guests. DSC is the unquestionable leader in the customer service industry.”
Chuck Lane, Humana
“Your staff was extremely personable and the events were flawless. The dedication and attention to detail was impeccable. I’m looking forward to a long lasting, sustainable partnership between our two organizations.”
Bart Berkey, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
“Thank you to DSC for the extensive work you all did to produce our large scale event.  Everyone was very open to our ideas and opinions.  You worked within our budget and always provided a range of options to help us choose between different price points. It was flawless.”
Brian Abel, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

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